My husband’s hometown is a busy craft village and popular wood and mosaic craft. Now, everything changed, when life has been developing, the need for woodcraft is less and less. So, the skilled craftsmen couldn’t earn enough to survive. They tried to find the way. They left their hometown, went to the big city, and became workers in industrial zones… In the villages, only the elderly and children remained. The children were helpless and less educated because of the lack of care from their parents. The number of people living and working in the locality was decreasing. We need to keep it on. We have found a market, sold products made by skilled craftsmen, created more jobs for women, and kept them staying in their stay at hometowns so they can take care of their children better. In 2018, we opened HANDICRAFTVIET and started in the US. Through many difficulties and obstacles, we have constantly improved and explored handmade products that met the requirements of the market. Our products are made by the rough hands of a mother, and a father who is used to meticulous work. Please support us, if you have something unsatisfied, please give us sincere feedback so that we can improve better. If you are satisfied, please encourage us. Thank you and appreciate all the customers.